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What’s New with My Site?
I have lots of unopened Burger King toys. This is only a partial list. If you are looking for anything in particular contact me.
Email me

I am also willing to trade. I am currently looking for Inspector Gadget parts from Mcdonald, any unopened Ty teenie beanies, Pokemon, Disney, or Simpsons figures.

3.00 each includes shipping!
Jackie Chan figures

  • Fish of Fury
  • Chows Trash Can Collision
  • Fire Hydrant action
  • Toy Story

  • White dog
  • Slinky Dog
  • Rex the dinosaur
  • alian
  • Bo Peep top
  • Shreck

  • Tall and small Faquaad
  • Mirror Mirror
  • Duloc behind door
  • Oliver and Company

  • Black car
  • Dog with red scarf around neck
  • black dog in wooden crate
  • little dog in roller skate
  • little dog wind up
  • OTHER:

  • Cat dog wind up
  • Mr. Potato Head head spinner
  • Pocahontas Flit in tree finger puppet
  • Skeeter Nickel O Zone finger puppet
  • Men in Black Split apart Zeb
  • Hunchback Quasimodo
  • Wild Thornberries Traveling Trio
  • Sponge Bob square Pants jelly fish round up
  • Sponge Bob Square Pants Snail
  • Viva Rock Vegas Flinstones Dinosaur diner
  • Batman Beyond Bat figure
  • Batman Beyond signal spinner top