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The Burger King Rug Rats are here!
This page features all your favorite Rug Rat characters from the Burger King Kid's Meals.

all unopened RugRat toys are 3.00 each, opened are 2.00 each this includes shipping. Order four get one in like condition free.

Rug rats in bumper cars
All the pictures shown here are toys that have been opened and played with.They are 2.00 each. Price includes shipping. Order 4 get another one free.
Unopened BK Rug Rat toys:
Tomy holding Dill
Rugrats in reptar land Phil in a blue car
Tommy on a Reptor ride
Phil and Lil on a pink peddle car
Rug rats tree house #8
Rug rats tree house #7
Rug rats tree house #4
Rug rats movie Phil and Lil with a dinosaur toy
Rug rats movie a baboon(?)green and orange toy, purple shorts
Rug rats the movie, Spike
Rug rat babies
I see you!
Crawlling Rug Rat
A tricycle built for two.
Isn't she too young to drive?