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If you need something for your collection and don't see it here contact me.
I might have it or know who does!

Just in: lots, and lots of unopened Burger King toys.
Email me if you need anything from Burger King. I probably have it!

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Do you need these Mcdonald toys in unopened bags?

  • Battle Bots #1, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8
  • 1998 Ronald in a scarecrow mask
  • Atlantis
  • #8 Molier in a digger
  • Audrey in Oiler
  • Leviatian
  • Flubber figure
  • 1997 uner 3 fries
  • 2001 Pochacco and stickers
  • 1999 Food Foolers Happy Meal box computer
  • Inspector Gadget front
  • Hercules Zeus
  • Maa the sheep from Babe
  • Mulan/Shang popup
  • Pocahontas Journey to a New World
  • bugs life bestiole
  • Spider man vehicle
  • Little Mermaid-Sereinta in a rowboat
  • Hot Wheels Taxi
  • Action Man Mountain Climber
  • Animal Kingdom Cheetah
  • Snow white clip
  • Sneezy clip
  • Dopey clip
  • Eeyore toy
  • Mcnugget Buddie Halloween skeleton
  • Iam Hungry Halloween toy
  • Hamburgler in green mask Halloween toy
  • If you have fast food toys to trade, contact me. Most often I trade one for one with each trader paying his own postage.

Pochohontas toys
The locket in the background of this picture has the little figures inside.
Add this lot of Mcdonald toys to your collection and get the children's book free. Click on the picture to order.
Or pay with paypal by clicking on the button.
8.00 includes shipping

101 and 102 dalmations
Lots of dalmations. Email me for the complete list. I will be putting the dalmations on their own page later.
In addition to the McD dalmations, you can add to your Burger King Disney collection.
I have lots of BK Disney figures to offer.
This is one of my favorite images
One of the dalmations you can add to your collection.
The Little Mermaid
Click on the picture to order at for 5.00 or click on the button to pay with paypal.

McDonald animals

Collect Animaniacs or Rugrats? Contact me to add what you need to your collection.

Buy and Sell Your Disney Movies at

A Cabbage Patch collectors doll.

2.00 includes shipping
This little doll is no roller skates. I think she likes to be in pictures. Click on her picture to order.

Don't forget to see the Mcdonald Teanie beanie page!