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These pretty little dolls were left behind when their little girls grew up.
They still have lots of love to share.

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This doll has the size and weight of a real baby.

The cloths she has on are real baby clothes.
I will include free both the outfit she had on when I found her, and the outfit she has on now.
This doll is not listed with Buy her with paypal, or contact me.15.00

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Red haired cabbage patch girl
This doll has on a preemie baby outfit. When I found her she was naked. She is all cleaned up and happy now, waiting for a new home. She has no shoes and has lost the original ribbons that were in her hair.

This doll is so cute.
She has pretty lilac hair. She has a hat on that looks like a grape leaf. She looks like a very grapey baby.
She even smells faintly of grape candy. She had no shoes when I found her. But I found a pair of little lilac shoes that fit her just right.
Not just another pretty face.
But she is all dressed up in a lilac dress with her purse in her hand. Ready to travel to her new home.
Cabbage patch doll
All vinyl in a dress I made. 7.00

blonde cabbage patch doll
Baby Brite
In her original clothes.
Buy her and you will get a free Rainbow Brite book

Unknown Mattel doll.
In a dress I made.
A really sweet face
Unknown manufacturer
Esmerelda from the Hunchback
This is a beautiful porcelain doll. I have her listed for sale on for 25.00 including shipping. Click on her picture to link there.
I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!
Roller blade doll
She roller blades!
The shirt she has on is not the original. She does have on the original shorts, helmet and of course, her rollerblades. batteries required.
15.00 includes shipping

This doll is not listed on buy her with paypal or contact me.
Cabbage Patch in a bunny suit
Isn't she sweet with her little bunny ear bonnet? Well, a bald headed baby has to keep it's head warm.
This doll likes to go swimming.
She has on her swimsuit and has floats on her wrist. She has a cute little beach cover on. She loves to swim, but when you take her out of the water, she gets so cold, she starts to shiver. SO CUTE. Click on her picture to buy her at The 10.00 price includes the shipping charges.

Raggedy Anne is machine washable.


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