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These Polly Pockets are a recent find.
Once they are sold I may not have any more to offer.
NEW FIND Pink locket birthday scene inside, No doll but both the locket and cord are in mint condition.

Old compacts, a newer product, some extra accesories and a Polly Pocket look alike. Contact me. See my contact page.

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A newer Polly Pockets
Includes see through backpack, still has the original cardboard. One doll 3 1/2 inches tall and one tiny little one, clothes and shoes, purse, backpack, cheerleader pompoms (some of the shoes don't have mates) Also a grandfather clock,a tiny chair for the tiny doll. 10 dollars includes shipping.

One Fairy wishing world star shaped compact. Includes one little polly in a purple dress. Long blond hair and fairy wings. Small black scuff on outside of compact. 5 dollars includes shipping and handling
1993 Pretty Pandas
Has the little Polly but not the pandas. Five dollars- includes shipping and handling
This compact has a jungle scene inside
I am not sure which dolls go with it, so I will include a doll in a polka dotted dress that appears to be an adult and a horse and a Strawberry shortcake figure. 3.50 includes shipping and handling

May not be polly pockets but are tiny enough to use with them
Two rainbow arches one with a bee and one with a butterfly. One purple and pink wardrobe with a grape cluster on top.(this may be strawberry shortcake related) 5 dollars for all includes shipping and handling.
May not all be Polly Pockets
The clothes are Polly Pockets. The little doll is most likely not. May be Herself the Elf or from Rose Petal Place. The swing is most likely Polly Pockets. Includes two little white cats. One Persian and one Siamese and one brown cat with a furry tail. (They are most likely not PP) Also a little alladin type lamp. When the lid is lifted it looks like a tiny little room inside, it is as cute as can be. Three dollars includes shipping and handling.
No indication that this is a Polly
but still a great little toy

Lots of stuff in this cute little set. The doll is displayed in the top of what looks like a skirt. the skirt opens to become a stage for a ballerina. Lots of stuff included in this set. See the picture below for a view of the stage and the accessories.
Opened stage
Bag with clothes, ballet practice bar, doll, hair peice, tiara, harp, mirror, doll stand. I must admit I have not figured out how to get the doll to stand on the stage and turn. But I am sure she must do it. There is a little clear attachment that will fit on a peg on the stage, the doll's foot will then fit into the attachment. There is a wind up that will turn the attachment and the doll. I guess that is how it is supposed to work, it does work like that anyway. Eight dollars includes shipping and handling.

Cinderella stage coach
This little stage coach is actually clear plastic. It looks like glass. There is irredescent glitter on it. It looks pinkish in the picture but it is clear. The top opens. It has one of the attachments broken of the tongue. But it is still very pretty.
Included free to the first person to buy another PP item from this page

Contact me
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